Woman holds graduation ceremony at late mother’s wake to fulfill her last wish


It did not go as she had planned but Jia Huan kept her promise to make sure that her late mother was included in her graduation photos.

She was supposed to celebrate graduating from University Tuanku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) with her family including her mother.

Sadly, her mother passed away just a little over a month before her graduation day.

Credit: 甄珍 i via Mothership

Nevertheless, Jia Huan made sure that her late mother was included in her graduation photos, just like one of her final wishes.

In a touching Facebook post she wrote, Jia Huan dedicated her love towards her late mother while recalling their last family photoshoot together.

Credit: Facebook

“We did a graduation shoot, 33 days before the actual ceremony,” Jia Huan wrote.

Just before she passed away, her mother told her wish to take a family portrait at Jia Huan’s graduation ceremony where all of them preferably dressed in matching blue outfits.

“You said before that on that day everyone would only look good if the whole family wore blue. Today, we wore just that. Even though didi (younger brother) is wearing dad’s clothes, haha.”

So, Jia Huan together with her other family members, her father, and her brother kept their promise to take a family portrait together at her mother’s wake.

Credit: Facebook

“I helped you put on something blue too. I think you look way better than me in this piece of clothing. I’m not wearing UTAR’s official graduation gown, but we’ll settle for the [the makeshift graduation gown]as long it looks like it,” she continued.

Her mother’s passing broke her heart but Jia Huan tried to keep a cheerful tone with her post.

“Mummy, your oldest kid has graduated; she graduated 33 days early.”


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