1-month-old baby dies after grandfather gives him a sip of alcohol to show off in the celebration dinner

Photo for illustration purpose (Credit: Maxpixel (L), Pixabay (R))

A one-month-old baby in China passed away after grandfather fed him a small cup of alcohol following an attempt to save his face.

Photo for illustration purpose (Credit: Maxpixel (L), Pixabay (R))

According to Sin Chew Daily, the heartbreaking incident took place just an hour after the grandfather gave him a mouthful of alcohol during a celebratory banquet to celebrate the baby turning one month old.

It was reported that the grandfather was proudly carrying his grandson around as he showed the newborn off to the relatives when one of the guests jokingly said, “Grandpa can’t drink if the baby doesn’t drink.”

However, the grandfather who was already inebriated at the time fell for the guest’s provocation and later fed the baby a small cup of alcohol to save his face.

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Unfortunately, the mother’s baby who was only known by her surname Huang was not aware of the grandfather’s doing. It was only after she heard her baby crying and smelled alcohol coming from her baby’s mouth that she realized something was not right.

The mother then brought her baby son into a room. However, the baby stopped breathing after half an hour passed.

She later rushed her baby to the hospital where the newborn had emergency treatment for a few hours.

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Sadly, the baby did not survive.

According to the doctor, the baby died due to alcohol poisoning. “Babies can’t drink alcohol, so how can you take his life lightly?” the doctor scolded the adults.

Following the doctor’s criticism, the mother then slapped the grandfather who was also her father-in-law several times.

The bereaved mother had a hard time to accept the grandfather’s wrongdoing as she and her husband had been trying to get a child for three years after they got married before they were finally blessed with their baby son.

It is crucial to keep in mind that babies and children should never consume alcohol as it can quickly deteriorate their health.

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The same limitation also applies to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers as alcohol consumption can harm fetuses and babies.

Signs of alcohol poisoning include breathing difficulty, reduced activity and seizures.


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