Many people did this mistake and ended up having hard time peeling boiled eggs—here is the right way to do it


Eggs are one of the favorite food for many people. Be it boiled, fried or steamed, nobody can deny that eggs are delicious even without any condiments. But have you experienced the painstaking process to peel the eggshells after boiling the eggs?

With all the whites stuck on the shell, you’ll end up with one ugly and distorted boiled egg. Many people made this one mistake when boiling eggs and you might’ve done it too.

And you will end up with boiled eggs that look like this.

Image for illustration purposes only. (Credit: pixabay)

When boiling the eggs, we often pour water into a pot, put the eggs and quickly get them to boil—this is where we get it wrong. Here’s the step to cook boiled eggs without having a hard time feeling the eggs later:

Things you need

  • Eggs
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Pot


1. Wash the eggs with running water first and soak the eggs in water for 10 minutes.

Credit: BL Daily

2. Put the right amount of water in a pot, add salt, turn the heat and wait for the water to boil.

Credit: BL Daily

3. Put the soaked eggs into the pot of boiling water and adjust the minutes to the types of boiled eggs of your liking.

Image for illustration purposes only. (Credit: wikimedia)

By soaking the eggs in water first, the eggshell will absorb the right amount of water in advance and the eggshell will become softer and easier to peel off.

You can now get a perfectly pretty, delicious and easy to peel egg by using this method.

Credit: BL Daily


  1. Put the right amount of salt when boiling eggs as the salt can increase the concentration of water. As the water temperature increases, eggs can quickly absorb the heat and the eggs will be tender when you eat them.
  2. Quickly put the eggs in cold water after boiling so that the eggshell will be automatically cracked and fall off—you will only need to gently peel them off.

Can’t wait to try this myself!


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