Heartbreaking video of clueless baby rhino tries to wake dead mother killed by poachers for some milk


This baby rhinoceros was still too young to know that its mother had died that it kept circling around her lifeless body to wake her up. 

In a viral video shared by Indian Forest Service Officer, Parveen Kaswan, on Twitter, the baby rhino is clearly clueless as to why its mother fails to wake up despite it giving her body a nudge.

According to Parveen, the heart-wrenching video was filmed last year in South Africa where the mother rhino was killed for her horn by poachers.

“The picture of poaching !! A baby #rhino tries to wake #mother, who is killed by poachers for the #horn. Devastating & eye-opening,” the caption read.

Credit: Twitter

The voice of a man in the background revealed that the clueless baby rhino was hungry and trying to wake its mother up for some milk.

Credit: Twitter

“I can’t understand this. This is horrific to see,” the man said in the background.

No words could describe how hopeless and terrified the baby rhino must have been when its mother never woke up.

Credit: Twitter

Following the video making rounds on the internet, netizens were outraged and devastated by the tragic incident as some commented about the video.

“Heart-wrenching. Humans are the only reason of creating imbalance of this world and this world will end only humans. Definitely Earth knows how to heal herself,” another comment read.

Credit: Twitter

The population of rhinoceroses has been declining every year and very few of the endangered species could survive outside protected areas, primarily because of the selfish and materialistic desire of poachers.


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