13-yo boy banged head on wall nonstop and turned into a baby after constantly playing phone until midnight

Photo for illustration purposes only. (Credit: Pixabay (L), Oriental Daily (R))

Nowadays, a lot of parents exposed their children to the smartphone at a very early age, and these parents from Taizhou, Zhejiang province, China is no exception.

According to ETtoday, even though her son’s grades were not particularly exceptional, the mother bought her 13-year-old son Xiao Zhao a mobile phone as a gift—so that they could stay in contact as she and her husband were often busy at work. Xiao Zhao is a primary school student of a school in Tiantai County, Taizhou.

Excited to have his very first mobile phone, Xiao Zhao was unable to control himself from playing the phone constantly—so he played with it every day and night.

Even worst, he sometimes played with his phone until midnight and might highly practice this bad habit for a few months.

Photo for illustration purposes only. Credit: Pixabay

Thanks to his smartphone addiction, Xiao Zhao suddenly experienced a very serious health problem a month ago. Xiao Zhao suddenly went crazy and started banging his head non-stop against the wall when he was at school. As Xiao Zhao would not stop, the teacher immediately called his mother.

When the mother arrived at the school, she discovered that the situation has gone out of hand and became worse. Xiao Zhao’s face was twitching and his body became limp—he was also unresponsive when his mother called him a few times trying to wake him up. Xiao Zhao’s family immediately brought him to the hospital for treatment and he was hospitalized for 28 days.

Unfortunately, Xiao Zhao’s condition did not get better but worsened instead. The 13-year-old boy turned mentally disabled and suddenly behaved like a baby who couldn’t talk and walk—let alone take care of himself.

Sadly, Xiao Zhao’s condition also did not improve after he was brought to the Department of Neurology and the Department of Rheumatology.

Credit: Oriental Daily

Xiao Zhao who’s now in a wheelchair was later brought to the Department of Geriatrics in Hospital of Taizhou for a detailed examination. After looking at the test reports, the doctor concluded that the little boy was diagnosed with Autoimmune Encephalitis—a new category of immune-mediated disease involving the central nervous system that leads to cognitive impairment.

The doctor explained that Xiao Zhao did not have a proper rest as he was constantly playing with his mobile phone until midnight, hence his immune system was weakened—resulted in the serious health issue. After being administered medicine and treatment, Xiao Zhao’s condition finally improving—he was able to talk again and his face was no longer convulsed.

Thankfully, Xiao Zhao was able to recognize his parents on the 12th day. He was discharged from the hospital as his health had dramatically improved.

Be sure to always have a proper rest and take care of your health!


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