This succulent plant looks just like fresh roses and it can last as long as you want it to be


If you are tired of having to place the fresh flowers in your vase every few days because they wilt easily, this beautiful pink succulent might be perfect for you!

Forget cut roses! This succulent plant looks just like rosebuds that are starting to blossom and they last even longer than your store-bought fresh flowers.

Known as Greenovia dodrantalis or mountain rose, its blue-green version is well-known by many avid gardeners as a perfect decorative plant for small space gardening.

It was only recently that its rare pink version went viral online as they look just like typical roses, only smaller.

Just like rose petals, mountain rose has its leaves tightly packed around in layers.


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Even better, this gorgeous succulent does not need frequent watering and can last longer as long as you want it to be just like other succulent plants.

It originally came from Canary Islands so mountain rose needs plenty of sun and does not require much water. It can also be planted indoors and outdoors, depending on your preference.

Mountain rose can grow up to six inches in height and it can produce pups, a smaller version of the plant that you can snip it off and plant in another vase.


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It can also grow small yellow flowers during spring which can result in seeds of the plant.

However, there is only one drawback when it comes to this gorgeous plant. It is so rare to find mountain rose on sale and it is even harder to find the pink version of mountain rose.

Nevertheless, if you do not mind waiting for two years for it to grow, you can always buy its seeds and grow it yourself.


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