Shopping channel host breaks glass plate on live television after claiming it is shatterproof


If you have ever watched shopping programs on television, you will know how persuasive the hosts can be when it comes to convincing you to buy the products.

However, there are times when they get too confident with their selling points and their demonstrations turn into hilarious bloopers like this host from Malaysia’s shopping program, Astro Go Shop when she was promoting Corelle plates.

Her selling point was how these plates would not break even if you accidentally push them off the table and they fall onto the floor.

Credit: Twitter

While these tempered glass plates were supposedly break-resistant, it appeared that they, too, could not defeat the power of gravity!

In the 13-second footage which has gone viral on social media, the host emphasizes that the plates will not break while holding one of the plates.

She then proceeds to drop the plate on the floor to show how unbreakable it is.

In spite of her convincing selling point, the plate is completely shattered!

Credit: Twitter

What makes it even funnier is that her co-host shuts her eyes off just a few seconds before the main host drops it.

Credit: Twitter

She may have probably realized that dropping the plate on the floor is a bad idea at that moment!

Nevertheless, it is still admirable to see how calm the hosts were when they finally realized that the live demonstration did not go well.

Credit: Twitter

The co-host could even crack a joke of how the plate must have been dropped multiple times on the floor previously before it was completely broken into pieces during the demonstration.

“This one has been thrown many times, that’s why it shattered,” the co-host said.

Credit: Twitter

Obviously, this hilarious footage will never go unnoticed by the netizens as the video has been viewed more than 600,000 times and has attracted thousands of witty comments from the netizens.

“She looks like as if she already knew what was about to happen,” one netizen commented.


“I don’t wanna be involved, I don’t wanna be involved. I don’t know, I don’t know”


Another netizen commented on how smart the co-host cover-up line.

Meanwhile, there were some netizens who shared their know-how to prevent the plates from breaking when they are accidentally dropped.

“These Corelle plates, if you don’t want them to shatter when they fall you have to drop them at a flat angle. If the corner impacts the floor first then it’ll definitely shatter.”

Well, thanks to this blooper, we now know that we should not be quick to believe these too-good-to-be-true selling points again!


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