Frequent anger is one of the reasons why “you gain weight”. Study shows bad side effects to being angry

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Being angry now does not only cause you to be in a bad mood throughout the day but may also cause you to gain weight, a study shows. 

In a longitudinal study done by a group of French researchers which involved a 20-year observation of the volunteers, they found that volunteers who often got angry recorded heavier weight than those who did not easily get angry.

In the study, the volunteers have to complete a personality assessment and stated their level of hostility along with their height and weight. The volunteers were then measured again every five years.

The researchers found that volunteers who had a higher level of hostility gained more weight over the years than volunteers who had a lower level of hostility.

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The result was similar in both men and women.

The weight gain may be linked due to a stress hormone called cortisol being released when you get angry.

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Cortisol has long been associated with weight gain as it can increase one’s appetite and tendency to store “visceral fat” around the midsection.

Obviously, this effect is reversible and you can always find a way to control your anger.

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One of the tips that you can do when you find yourself being angry is to take a deep breath. It may sound cliché but taking a deep, long breath can help lower your cortisol level and thus, helping you to control your anger.

Another tip is to do regular exercises as exercise helps control your insulin levels and releases endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, hormones that can counter the negative effects of cortisol.

You may also want to get enough sleep as a lack of sleep can lead to higher levels of cortisol and will increase your hunger.

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Plus, it will also help you to avoid become grumpy and stressed out.

Being angry is a normal response when you are in an unpleasant situation but do not let it affect your social life and weight!


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