Russian student starts lucrative business of creating signatures for others after realizing he hates his signature


You must’ve read once in your life that a signature might say something about your personality—someone might actually want to do business with you by just looking at how confident your signature looked like.

While we see a very small significance of signature in our life, it’s different for public figures or business people.

Foreseeing how important a signature is, Oddity Central reported that a 20-year-old student from Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Ivan Kuzin comes with the idea to help people design their signatures last year—hence created a lucrative online service offering business managers and entrepreneurs custom signatures.

The idea started when Kuzin realized that he didn’t like his signature at all while he had to change his passport as he turned 20.


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He decided to change it with the help of his friend, Anastasia Zdor who had mastered oriental calligraphy while studying in China. Zdor designed him a beautiful signature and patiently taught him how to sign it himself. That got Kuzin thinking about offering designer signatures to others as a paid service and he quickly talked about it with Zdor.

“She did not understand what I meant at first, but then I explained my plan to her and we decided to give it a try, although neither of us really had high hopes for the project,” told Kuzin.

Kuzin registered a company, opened an Instagram account, posted some photos of Zdor’s elegant signatures, and spent $230 on some targeted online advertising.


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In just within 12 hours, they were contacted by their first client. Orders suddenly kept coming in, and they had to hire another caligraphy artist when the orders reached 40 as Nastia is having a tough time coping with that amount of work.

Write Tight launched only in December of 2018 but the company’s revenues will already be amounted to 2 million roubles ($30,500) by May of this year. Currently, there are two other calligraphy artists working alongside Anastasia, a photographer, a sales manager, and a head of sales employed at Write Tight.


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Kuzin is in charge of testing strategies, hiring employees and general management, while Nastia takes care of the artistic side of the business. The company doesn’t have an office since everything happens online—which means everyone works from home.

If you’re interested to know more about their service, don’t forget to follow them on Instagram.


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