Know the secret to your personality from the way you’re holding your pen


Habits are things we just do without thinking much of how to do it or putting much thought on it. But little did we know, this simple habit can reveal the secret to our personality.

Just like the way you are holding your pen, did you think much about how to hold it? No, right? But do you know that how we hold it will reveal more about our personality?

How do you hold your pen?

Are you holding it in position A, B, or C?

If you are not sure, just take a pen and see which position looks quite similar to the shape you’re making while holding the pen.

Here’s what it can tell from the way we’re holding our pen.

Position A: Your thumb and index finger stick close together just like you’re trying to pinch someone when holding the pen in the middle.

You are flexible to use intuition and reasoning. You’re not rushing when making a conclusion and often act reasonably. Your intuition is usually more sensitive—hence you can make a decision based on what you feel is right. You can also use your left and right brain with much flexibility. But even when your intuition is usually right, you are also good in dealing with issues on self-interest and are careful before taking any actions. Besides that, you usually didn’t make much use of your intuition.

Position B: You press the thumb to your index finger and putting the pen on your ring finger.

Whatever happened, you will only take action after a calm analysis. You are able to handle the problem despite the pressure and usually didn’t make things any worse. In a group, you easily attract people around you. People can easily see your leadership once you’re in trouble and they’re counting on you.

Position C: Thumb, index finger and middle finger in a somewhat straight position and the fingers didn’t bend much while holding the pen.

You will not make a hasty decision while interpreting the problem and will only do something about it after careful consideration. You can deal with various situations naturally and tend to think fast. When something happened, you can tell what will happen right away. You will not take a desperate measure on something and will not try to look for the reasons behind the things that happened—but try to solve it instead.


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