100% edible and biodegradable rice straws are now here to curb single use plastic straw problem

Credit: Facebook/ Mistraws Malaysia, Instagram/ Mistrawsmy

As more and more people switch to the alternatives of plastic straws such as metal and bamboo, one concern seems to become on the minds of many; how the straws are cleaned.

Even though these alternatives are definitely more environmentally friendly compared to plastic ones, some also raise the concern if they are sharing the same straw with thousands of other people.

If the straws are not cleaned thoroughly, it certainly could expose them to many health risks.

Hence, a company from Malaysia, Mistraws Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, has created a solution to ease the minds of those who are concerned about this when they came up with edible rice straws.

Posted by Mistraws Malaysia on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

These edible rice straws called “Mistraws,” are made from 100 percent natural ingredients like rice and tapioca.

They function well like any other regular straws and better, consumers can eat them if they want to!

Unlike bamboo and metal straws which raise the concern of hygiene issue or paper straws which are not durable enough to sustain in drinks and alter the flavor of drinks, these rice straws do not come with the flaws mentioned.

The rice straws are fully biodegradable as they decompose within 100 days.

Posted by Mistraws Malaysia on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

They could also sustain in cold drinks for up to 4 to 6 hours while in warm drinks for up to 3 hours without losing its shape and strength.

These edible rice straws also come in three different sizes. When you are done with your drink, just eat the rice straw to finish it.

Posted by Mistraws Malaysia on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

If using other alternatives like bamboo, metal and paper straws is not to your liking, these edible rice straws could maybe change your mind to do your part in helping our environment.

Check out Mistraws’ Facebook and Instagram accounts here.


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