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From city life to countryside living, 40yo food writer with 8 children doesn’t age a bit


Happiness is different for each person. Some might think that living in luxury and money means everything, but some might just want a simple happy life with their family. Same goes with this 40-year-old food writer, Mimi Thorisson, who is living in a beautiful village with her husband and lovely kids.

Blessed with 8 beautiful children, Mimi was from France and living with her 20 dogs in a village. Waking up to amazing sceneries every single morning, Mimi and her family really enjoy listening to chirping birds and smelling flowers around them.

Mimi with her children and dogs.

Credit: Instagram/Mimi Thorisson

She didn’t look like she’s forty.

Credit: Instagram/Mimi Thorisson

Different from the busy life in big cities, Mimi and her family believed that they’re living in heaven. Mimi particularly enjoys her current life as she can give her full attention to her husband and eight growing children.

Didn’t look like she’s aging anytime soon, the beautiful lady actually had her hard times when she lost her first husband. But she got the light of her life back when she met her current Icelandic husband, a photographer.

They fell in love at first sight and chose to get married.

Credit: Instagram/Mimi Thorisson

The couple was blessed with more beautiful children.

Credit: Instagram/Mimi Thorisson

Along with their three children from previous marriages and her few dogs, they started a new family. A few years later, the couple was blessed with five more beautiful children. That was when another problem occurred. Despite their growing love for each other, the apartment they’re living in Paris is not big enough for their big family.

They decided to find a bigger place.

Credit: Instagram/Mimi Thorisson

With more space for everyone!

Credit: Instagram/Mimi Thorisson

As prices of houses getting more and more expensive, Mimi’s husband suggested that they move to the suburban area. Mimi was not fond of the idea at first but later agreed with her husband’s idea. However, the cost of living in the suburban area was still quite high so they’ve decided to move a lot further—around 5 to 6 hours from the suburban area for the sake of a more comfortable house.

They’re now living in a bigger and more comfortable house.

Credit: Instagram/Mimi Thorisson

Mimi picking up flowers with her daughter.

Credit: Instagram/Mimi Thorisson

It turned out that the decision was the best decision they’ve ever made. The children love running around in the wide field and really enjoy gardening with their beautiful mother. Living without stress in the village makes Mimi appears younger than her age and she admitted that she’s loving her life right now.

The children enjoy gardening as much as their mother.

Credit: Instagram/Mimi Thorisson

Mimi’s daughter might need help after picking all those cherries!

Credit: Instagram/Mimi Thorisson

Other than having her own cooking blog, Manger, and the television programme La Table de Mimi, shown on the French channel Canal+, Mimi writes her own cook books which are available for sale.

You can follow Mimi on her Instagram if you would like to see more of her intriguing lifestyle.



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