Migrant worker feeds disabled customer in a heartwarming scene, earns praises from netizens


In a heartwarming scene at a restaurant in Malaysia, a migrant worker moved everyone’s hearts after he helped feed a disabled customer. 

The touching image of the kind-hearted worker feeding the customer was first shared by Facebook user Andy Lau before it quickly made rounds on social media.

According to Andy, the scene which took place in a local restaurant in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Credit: Facebook/Andy Lau

After learning that the customer might face difficulty eating on his own, the worker then helped feed the customer with the pasta that he ordered.

In his post, Andy shared what he saw when he was at the restaurant.

Credit: Facebook/Andy Lau

“I saw the whole scenario when the migrant worker helped feed the teen customer who has a disability,” he wrote.

“He was just a worker at the restaurant and nobody ordered him to do so. Plus, he did not even get rewarded for his kind action but that did not stop him from helping the disabled customer. Should not we give him a thumbs-up?”

“Some people are truly good Samaritans, no matter what color of their skin and where they came from”, Andy concluded.

The selfless and compassionate action showed by the migrant worker is proof that we really do not need any reasons to do good to others especially to people in need.

Credit: Facebook/Andy Lau

Even though he knew that he was not going to get tips or compensation for helping the disabled customer, the worker still chose to help feed him.

We definitely need to take an example from this kind-hearted worker!

Credit: Facebook/Andy Lau


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