Optical illusion: There is a double digit number hidden in the image. Can you see it?


Optical illusions often go viral online thanks to their mind-boggling designs that leave your head spinning or in this case, moving up and down. 

In this optical illusion, there are two numbers hidden from plain view but worry not, all you need is a little bit of concentration and get your eyes and brain to work together.

It may not be easy to see the numbers straight away. Take your time to figure what numbers are hidden in this optical illusion.

Ready? Let’s begin.

Credit: The Laugh Bible

Did you manage to figure out what number is hidden behind these black and white stripes?

If you cannot see it, try to look at the optical illusion from a different angle and maybe, a little further away from your previous position.

Credit: The Laugh Bible

Well, very few people can solve it in a matter of seconds. Do not worry if you cannot see the numbers. Here is a hint: You can try moving the optical illusion up and down several times.

Does it help?

If you guessed 17, that is correct! The hidden numbers in this optical illusion is definitely a double-digit 17!

If you gave the wrong answer, try again and this time, you may want to look from a new angle or zoom out the image until you see it.

Enjoying solving this optical illusion, why not share it with your friends and family and see how they compare with your answer!

Credit: The Laugh Bible 


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