Heartbreaking photo shows little boy hugging mother’s coffin, asking why she’s not sleeping with him


For children, it’s hard for them to really understand the concept of death and truly fathom why people we love leave us forever—just like this little boy who questioned why his mother is not sleeping beside him but in the coffin instead.

The 5-year-old Khayne Kheian Naelgas Castro lost his mother Katherine Naelgas Castro while she’s giving birth to his brother, Cyril Khayzer in the local hospital located at San Jose, Mindoro Occidental in the Philippines.

Khayne with his family.

Credit: Facebook/Kaye Angeles Naelgas-Castro

He is a bright child but loses his smile when he lost his mother.

Credit: Says

During Katherine’s burial, her mother-in-law Marichu Gabriel witnessed a heartbreaking moment when Khayne began to drag a chair so that he could step on it to gaze at his mother inside the coffin. Saddened by the incident, Gabriel shared the picture she took on her Facebook with a heart-wrenching caption.

“How do you explain when your little kid asks ‘Why is Mama not sleeping beside me?’ He dragged the chair by himself and climbed to embrace his mama. My heart stopped when I saw this.”

Credit: Facebook/Marichu Gabriel

In the picture, Khayne was seen resting on his hand atop the coffin while looking inside of it.

Credit: Facebook/Marichu Gabriel

Khayne probably didn’t want to leave his mother alone, so he keeps sitting beside her.

Credit: Starfocus

Refusing to let her mother ‘sleeps’ alone, Khayne took another chair and make his bed near the coffin.

Credit: Starfocus

Three days after the death of Katherine, Gabriel recorded a video showing Khayne singing a song dedicated to his beloved late mother.

He sang it beautifully.

Our deepest condolences to Khayne and his family.

Credit: Says, Starfocus


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