Parents worked two jobs to support the family, break into tears when son surprises them with house as a gift


Taking care of a family is not easy. This couple both worked two jobs just to make ends meet and provide for the family. All those hardships and troubling moments paid off when their son, LeJuan James uses his own money to buy them a gorgeous house they never imagined.

James is a famous Youtuber that shot to stardom when he began to produce funny videos of himself online. His mother was a housekeeper at Disney and also a cashier at Walgreens at night. His father worked in maintenance and also as a cashier at Burger King for the night shift.

His parents have been married for 33 years and have been very hardworking to provide for the family.


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Over the years, his parents have sacrificed everything for the sake of putting their children first. James may have never said how grateful he is verbally, but deep down he was forever grateful for the sacrifices made by them. So he was planning to surprise them with an ultimate gift after their years of hard work.

Buying them a house has always been James’s dream ever since he was young and it came true on this day!

James blindfolded his parents and bring them to a neighborhood.

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The second he asked them to open their eyes, tears of happiness streamed down their faces and James couldn’t control himself either.

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He presented them with one big, spacious and gorgeous house!


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It was such an emotional and stirring moment that the family will never forget.

Watch James surprising his parents with a new home here:

Such a wonderful moment!

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