Which one of these ladies looks the oldest? Your answer will reveal a lot about your personality


Look at all the images of four distinctive women’s shadow for a few seconds and take a guess which one of these ladies is the oldest.

They may all look quite similar but there will be one that will catch your eye as the oldest one.

Now, pick one of these shadows.

While you may think that it is merely what you think of someone who is older, it can actually reveal a lot about your personality. Often how you perceive things and people around you is the reflection of your personality.

Wondering what your choice may say about your personality? Scroll down to see which choice did you make.

Shadow 1

External characters: Even though you do not often smile, you love to laugh. People around you can easily tell what you are feeling and thinking by looking at your reaction.

You are a rational person although sometimes, you can be emotional and distant when it comes to something that hurts your feelings.

Internal: You have high self-esteem and can adapt to a new environment quickly. Nevertheless, you are forgiving to those who have hurt you but that does not mean you easily forget what they have done to you.

Shadow 2

External: Optimistic, positive and courageous when things get hard. However, you do not prefer anyone to see your weaknesses or if you are struggling with something. You are reliable and loyal to those who appreciate you.

Internal: You tend to appreciate those who are close to you more than yourself. You are also independent and patient but these qualities often make others think that you are not interested in something.

Shadow 3 

External: Smart, charismatic and people around you respect you as their leader. You are strongly reliable and often like to help others. Even though you tend to not express your feelings, people around you can sense your emotion. However, to strangers, you may come off as unapproachable.

Internal: Even though you look strong from the outside, you are actually a soft-hearted person. As you prefer to keep your feelings to yourself and can be quite distant to others, you do not have many friends.

Shadow 4

External: To the people around you, you are very friendly, responsible and courageous.

Internal: In spite of your friendly manner, you do not easily share anything personal about yourself which makes you seem like a little bit mysterious to others.


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