6-year-old boy refused to play with gadgets, prefers camping, fishing and helping his parents out


In this digital age, young children are bound to be exposed to the use of digital technology like smartphones and tablets. It may be uncommon these days to find young children who will prefer playing with building blocks and outdoor activities rather than having their eyes glued on the screen.

However, unlike his most peers, this 6-year-old Malaysian boy likes to do anything fun except playing with gadgets.

In a thread on Twitter which has gone viral on the internet, user @zhariframli shared about his nephew whose favorite pastime looks nothing like most other 6-year-olds’.

Credit: Twitter/@zhariframli

The boy named Mikail Harith prefers activities such as helping out in the kitchen, looking for his baby sister and ironing clothes rather than playing games on a smartphone.

According to him, the 6-year-old boy was raised by his parents not to play with a smartphone or a tablet. Rather, the boy would go camping and fishing with his father

The boy also helps his grandfather out when he visits his grandparents in the countryside like farming and gardening.

Credit: Twitter/@zhariframli

Even though he was born and raised in a big city, Mikail has been taught by his parents to do hands-on activities and to learn beyond the classroom walls.

Credit: Twitter/@zhariframli

Hence, it is not surprising to see how relaxed he looks when it comes to holding a hoe to help his grandfather at the farm or even using an iron.

Credit: Twitter/@zhariframli

Thanks to his unique preference compared to his peers, Mikail Harith quickly became an internet sensation as the public were amazed and impressed with how he was brought up.

Many readers commented that it is indeed a rare sight nowadays for young children to prefer outdoor activities over playing with gadgets.

Well done, Mikail! We hope that he stays in being a good son as he is now.


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