Sleeping with the fan on through the night might not be good for you after all!


Sleeping with the fan blasting cool and breezy air in your direction surely makes you sleep you better at night but apparently, it can affect your health in the long run.

According to The Sleep Advisor, flurries of dust and pollen can easily make their way into your sinuses as the fan moves the air around the room.

So, if you are prone to asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, or any general allergies, the fan you have been using every night could be the culprit.

It can get worse if the fan has collected dust around the blades. The dust could fly straight away in your direction every time you turn it on.

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The constant stream of dry air can also worsen your sinus irritation. It can lead to your body trying to overcompensate the dryness by producing more mucus.

Apart from the allergies and asthma, having a fan blowing air in your direction can also cause dry skin.

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Plus, if the fan blows air directly at you throughout the night, you may risk over-drying your skin.

For those who sleep with their eyes partially open, they can also be at a disadvantage as the eyes will get dried out and cause irritation.

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You will also tend to have sore and pain in your muscles as the concentrated cool air will make your muscles tense up and cramp.

If you love the fan to be near your face and your neck, the stiffness and sore may get even worse.

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Obviously, there is nothing wrong with having a fan around at night. It is essential in the midst of hot weather but you might want to reduce your chance of getting the allergy reactions, asthma, and muscle cramp by cleaning your fan and vacuuming your room regularly.

Take a look at the fan blades and make sure to clean them and make sure your room is airy all the time so that you can still enjoy a decent night’s sleep with your fan on.

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