They first met while working part-time. Juggling studies and work, this young couple shares their success after graduation


While others are having a hard time juggling between work and relationships, this college graduates couple inspired many when they managed to take on their study, work, and relationship all at the same time.

A Facebook user called Rose Marie shared a set of photographs taken with her lover John Patrick to inspire everyone with successful relationship goals that they have achieved.

The first picture was the one where it all started. Both Rose and John were still studying but they decided to take on part-time jobs as well. That’s where the couple first met back in 2012 when they’re both working at a fast food chain restaurant.

Rose and John first met in 2012 and encouraged each other in their studies while working.

Credit: Facebook/Rose Marie

After quite a while, the couple decided to leave their work at the fast-food chain and try on new challenges. Rose and John later became baristas but Rose left the job after a year. Luckily, that didn’t change anything as their relationship still going stronger than ever.

They went from fast food chain workers to baristas together.

Credit: Facebook/Rose Marie

When it is never easy to work while you are still studying, John proudly graduated last year. Rose has also successfully graduated recently. The graduation day was even more meaningful when they get to celebrate it with the people they love.

Rose was there during John’s greatest achievement.

Credit: Facebook/Rose Marie

And John was there during Rose’s greatest achievement.

Credit: Facebook/Rose Marie

The couple impressed everyone with their hard work and genuine care for each other, and how they keep their relationship strong but at the same time needing to succeed in studies and keep their part-time jobs.

The sweet couple recently celebrated Rose’s birthday together.

Credit: John Patrick

This young couple has definitely shown a good example of positive and meaningful relationship goals that youngsters can look up to!

Credit: KAMI


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