Don’t throw away sprouted potatoes! Here are 6 more ways to use them in your kitchen


Potatoes are one of the most popular sources of carbohydrates in the world as they are often used in many dishes in different regions and countries. They are versatile, delicious and can be made into any kind of dishes.

However, this is not the same case once they grow sprouts and turn greenish. The sprouts contain solanine and other glycoalkaloids and are considered toxic to humans if taken in huge amount.

Credit: Wikimedia/Sanjay Acharya

Here are six ways to use them in your kitchen:

1. Keep bread fresh and last longer

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Bread can easily get stale if you store it in the fridge or become moldy when stored for a long time in the room temperature. To avoid this, get two slices of potato and place the potato slices under the bread and close the lid of the bread container.

As a result, the bready will not easily become stale or moldy and stays fresh for you to eat.

2. Remove greasy stain from the sink

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Just take a couple of potato slices and rub them against the greasy surface of the sink. This is one of the best ways to keep your sink clean and use your sprouted potatoes at the same time!

3. Clean silverware

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Cut the potato in half and dip the side without peel into baking soda. Then, rub the covered potato part on rusted areas. After that, clean with a moist cloth.

4. Clean old kettle

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Cut potatoes in half and cooked them in boiling water for one hour. Then, use the boiled potatoes to clean the old and rusty surface of the kettle.

5. Clean thermos or tall containers

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Often thermos and long cups are difficult to wash thoroughly due to their narrow body. However, this can be easily solved by using several small pieces of potatoes. Put the potato pieces into the thermos or the cup that you want to clean along with some hot water. Then, shake the thermos for 30 seconds. Your thermos will be sparkling clean!

6. Clean ceramic sink

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Use potato peel to clean ceramic sink. Rub them against the ceramic surface and it will easily clean the sink. No additional soap or detergent needed!

Have fun trying!


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