Disappointed with her blind date, woman was about to reject him until an ambulance incident changes her heart


My name is Amelia and I work as a finance executive in a private company. As I am in my late 20s, my parents have been pushing me to find a boyfriend and settle down.

After a while of listening to my parents’ nagging for me to find a boyfriend, I then decided to go on a blind date with a man of their choice. His name is Daniel. According to my parents, he is an honest and reliable man.

Unfortunately, he is not what I look for in a boyfriend. When he arrived at a cafe where we promised to meet up, he turned out to look average and was even shorter than I am!

Feeling disappointed, I gave an excuse to end the date earlier and told him that I had an emergency meeting at the office. Daniel seemed to be surprised but as I kept on insisting to leave, he then offered to drive me to my office.

I felt bad to turn down his offer so I agreed. We got into his car a few minutes later and headed to my office. However, traffic built up and we were stuck in it.

Not long after that, we heard the piercing wail of the siren from an ambulance behind us. Apparently, the ambulance was also stuck in the heavy traffic as some selfish drivers refuse to give way.

Daniel quickly drove his car to the side of the road to give way even when the ambulance was still half a mile away. Sadly, some of the drivers still refused to move their cars.

Before I knew it, Daniel went out of the car and started walking backward and knocked on the drivers’ windows one by one. He personally asked them to make way for the ambulance.

Slowly, one by one, the cars moved. A brief moment later, the ambulance finally made its way through the traffic. Just before it passed by our car, I saw the ambulance driver gave Daniel a thumbs-up.

Daniel returned to the car and I asked him why was he willing to go out of his way to help the ambulance.

He then looked at me and said, “Because it is a life-and-death situation. Someone inside the ambulance would not make it if the cars continued to block their way. Imagine if the dying person is your family member. Would you let your family member die on the way to the hospital because of some selfish drivers blocking the road?”

His answer shocked me because I have never thought of the situation that way before. His move has greatly changed my impression of him.

At that moment, I knew that despite his physical shortcomings, he actually has a heart of gold. 

I am thankful that this fateful event has brought us together and changed my shallow thinking.

He may not be as good looking as I wished but now I realized, there is more to a partner than being 6-feet tall or good looks. As long as he is a considerate, honest and reliable man, he is good enough for me.


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