Loving gesture of young boy who lets his tired mom rests on train and pats on her back


Nowadays, it has become a common sight to see the young generation losing their common sense and not showing respect to those who are older than them.

Fortunately, not all of them are like that. There are still some young children who will go out of their way for their parents like these devoted children.

Seen in Sichuan, China, a young boy gave up his seat to his exhausted mother who quickly fell asleep on the train ride.

While standing close to his sleeping mother, the unidentified boy held his mother’s handbag and let his mother takes a brief rest before heading to their destination.

A similar heartwarming scene was also captured somewhere in Nanjing train in Jiangsu province.

This time, a boy whose age between 3 to 4 years old let his tired mother rest her head on his lap.

The boy even gently patted on her mother’s back as if to soothe her to sleep after a long and tiring day.

He was even seen leaning towards his mother’s ear a while later to make sure she was okay.

The boy may be young but it looked like he knows what empathy and compassion are. He was willingly on the lookout for their next station while he let his mother slept on the train ride.

When the video made it to social media, it immediately went viral as many netizens were touched by the simple loving gesture that the boy showed to his mother.

Watch the video of the devoted son here


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