Little boy sees his opponent falls off his bicycle during a race—his heartwarming gesture melts our hearts


A bicycle called Strider is not a typical bicycle. In fact, this bicycle has no pedals and brakes but it has become increasingly popular among parents with young children learning to ride.

The absence of pedals and brakes allows its rider to improve the sense of balance and hence, eliminates the need for training wheels.

The bicycle company, Strider, stages an annual competition called the Strider Cup for children aged dtwo to five

Kicking their bicycles only with their feet, the pedal-free bicycle is proven a challenge for many young children to master

So, when this little boy saw his opponent fell off his bicycle during the intense race, he knew that his opponent needed more than just words of encouragement from the cheering crowd

The boy got off his bicycle and ran towards his opponent, lifting up the fallen Strider and passed it to him

The two then rode their Striders side by side towards the finish line to the amazement of the crowd who were impressed with the selfless act and the sympathy shown by the tiny rider

Thankfully, the whole incident was caught on camera! When it was posted on Facebook, the video immediately became a viral sensation with more than two million views on Facebook alone.

Watch the heartwarming incident that took place during the bicycle race in this video here


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