This Indonesian mom in her 50s looks so young, people mistaken her as son’s girlfriend


One look at the beautiful, Puspa Dewi, you might not realise that she is already 53 years old with 2 sons! The Instagram star looks 3 decades younger than women her age and no wonder people often mistaken her for her sons’ girlfriend when she goes out with them.

Two years ago, the entrepreneur from Jakarta, Indonesia posted a picture of her celebrating her 50th birthday with her family on her Instagram account. In an instant, her post became an instant hit among netizens because of her youthful look.

Puspa Dewi on her 50th birthday celebration with her two sons.

Puspa posed for a family photo with her husband, sons and his son’s girlfriend

Puspa claims that the key to look young is to keep a healthy lifestyle; have a balanced diet and regular exercise. She has been playing badminton and swimming since at a young age and recently, she takes aerobic and zumba classes every week.

Above all, Puspa said the love she receives from her family is the one that keeps her young and healthy

“Birthday kiss from youngest son”

Have a balanced diet every day and you’ll see the difference it makes to your body 

Key to youthful, anti-aging look: lots of exercise!

Puspa on a her vacation at a beach

She certainly looks like her son’s girlfriend!

Puspa sells food supplements for her business

“Family is a gift that lasts forever!”

“People say that the older I get, the younger I look, which I think is true, because I am happier now, the children are all grown up and I get to run a business I love. I guess I am just radiating happiness”

“The happier you are, the more beautiful you become”

If you would like to see more of her pictures and find out about what she does to keep fit, head on to her Instagram. You’ll be inspired and amazed with her lifestyle. Now, you know her secrets to looking decades younger!

53-Year-Old Mother from Indonesia is Often Mistaken as Her Son’s Girlfriend; She is Deemed More Beautiful Than 27 Years Ago

Photo credits: Instagram@puspadewihc

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