NASA could pay you $18,500 to stay in bed for 60 days


NASA is offering two dozen volunteers over $18,500 to stay in bed for 60 days as part of an experiment to see how well the body would adapt to weightlessness in space.

Credit: ESA

The agency, which has its headquarters in Washington D.C. is now accepting applications for the role—could it be the job of dreams?

In zero gravity conditions, the body can experience a number of changes known as the “puffy-head, bird legs” syndrome.

So NASA and ESA are teaming up to put it to the test!

Only 24 participants will make the cut, and will have to make their way to Cologne Germany, for the experiment which starts in September.

Credit: ESA

Before you apply, there are a few requirements you need to meet. You must be German-speaking and aged between 24 and 55.

Credit: ESA

While the amount of time you need to lie down is 60 days, the total number of research days is 89, as there will be five days to familiarise yourself with your new environment, plus 14 days of rehab afterward.

Everything must be done lying down—that includes eating and even using the bathroom!

You can watch TV and read, though, if that makes you feel any better.

You may also suffer from muscle deterioration (like real astronauts in space), as you will be made to place your legs slightly above your head, which reduces blood flow.

You will also have to go to a centrifuge, which spins to simulate gravity—acting as an artificial gravity chamber!

Credit: ESA

This way, scientists can use the research results to see if it minimizes the effects of staying in bed for a long period of time.

Credit: ESA

Your food will also be prepared by on-site nutritionists, and won’t have any additives or artificial sweeteners!

Credit: ESA

Are you up for the challenge?

Credit: Bored Panda


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