This bride kissed and held her cancer-stricken dad’s hand before walking down the aisle


Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest and most joyful days of your life, where you celebrate the love of a couple as two families become one.

Sadly, this bride’s wedding day was emotional in a different sort of way—her dad was battling cancer and refused to go to the hospital just so he could see his beloved daughter get married to the love of her life.

A heartbreaking photo of the father and daughter pair was posted on Facebook, and has made thousands of netizens super emotional.

Credit: Facebook/ Happy Smile Studio

“One of those heart-wrenching scenes where a father who has stage 4 cancer refuses to be admitted to the hospital just so he can witness his daughter’s wedding,” Happy Smile Studio posted on Facebook.

“Tears rolled down the bride’s face as she whispered to her father, “Pa, magpakasal nako ha? (Pa, I’m going to get married now),”.

The emotional snap was apparently taken by photographer Biboy Sajulga during the wedding of Kris and Herlyn Dumaguin from the Philippines, according to Happy Smile Studio’s owner, Jessie Tesoro.

“As far as I know, the bride’s father has stage 4 brain cancer,” he said.

Jessie explained that the bride’s dad was super excited to walk her down the aisle, the day before the wedding, but he sadly collapsed on the same day.

He added that before the bride walked down the aisle, she went to see her father who was in a car parked in front of the church, kissed him and said, “Pa, I’m going to get married now, ok?”

Credit: Facebook/ Happy Smile Studio

He was supposed to dance with her at the reception, but as he was too ill, the bride’s mom took his place. Watch the emotional video here:

We hope the bride and her family stay strong during this tough time.

Credit: World of Buzz


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