No more boring group photo pose! Check out 20 creative ways to get the best results

Credit: Freepik / javi indy

Forget about the boring and formal pose when you want to take a group photo. Apart from the usual standing and squatting, here are 20 other creative ways to take your group photo.

  1. Run and jump in the air together.

2. Choose one taller person to stand in the center while the shorter members standing on the edges of the group.

3. If the event is centered around one person, make the person as the focal point by placing them in the center .

4. When shooting in a large group, make sure that everyone can see the camera and is included in the photo.

5. Put your hands on the shoulders of the person next to you.

6. Take the photo from an angle where the person far left or right become the focus of the shot.

7. You can also vary the shot by shooting full-length body shot.

8. Choose one person to stand in the front while others stand behind the person.

9. Lie down on the ground with your shoulders touching the person to your left and right to create this creative shot.

10. Everyone gathers around and closer to the camera lens.

11. Take a group photo from a high angle such as a roof or a terrace like this one.

12. For a family portrait, you can lie down together side by side.

13. Or overlap each other like this one to create better shot.

14. Use props like your sofa to capture the closeness with friends or family members.

15. Take a picture from the back of your sofa as everyone turns towards the camera.

16. Sit on the ground when you take a photo outdoors.

17The classic pose where everyone leans towards the person in the center. The people in the back row stand while those in the front row sit down.

18. Like #17, this time everyone stands up with the tallest person goes to the back and the shortest one takes the center.

19. For a family photo, the parents with younger children can give their children a piggyback ride like this one.

20. Walk together hand in hand and focus at a particular angle or object.



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