Man bought 3 barefooted kids a meal but 1 of them refuse to finish it. The boy’s reasoning has brought the internet to tears


Patrisha Capillan was at a Jollibee restaurant in the Philippines with her boyfriend when she spotted three homeless children standing outside the restaurant.

She then saw a man who earlier bought so much food that was more than enough for one to eat.

Seconds after the man received his orders, he called the homeless children who were standing outside the restaurant.

The four of them then ate together at a table inside the restaurant.

The heartwarming scene and the man’s selfless action moved Capillan’s heart but it was not until what one of the homeless children said afterward that really tugged her heartstrings.

After sitting down and enjoying their food, one of the children, a boy then suddenly stopped eating.

Confused by the boy’s action, the man then asked if anything was wrong with the food.

The food was fine, if not the best to the boy’s liking but he stopped eating so that he could bring home some of his food for his mother who was waiting at home.

The boy wanted his mother to be able to enjoy the food as well so he only had a few bites and saved some of the food for her.

Capillan who was recording the homeless children eating at that time could not help but sympathize with the boy.

Even at that time, the boy was still thinking about his mother and did not forget to share his food with her.

Capillan later posted the video on her Facebook account to share the wonderful things the man did for the homeless children and needless to say, the video quickly went viral on Facebook and on other social media platforms.

So far, the video has garnered more than 1.7 million views on Facebook alone and thousands of people shared their thoughts and comments about the heartwarming scene.

“I’m very proud of you.” one user commented while another user wrote, “God bless, and bless the man for his goodness.”

It might involve nothing fancy as the man bought the children some fast food but one thing for sure, the man and the boy have definitely inspired and reminded many people about sharing with others.


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