Miss Universe Vietnam shares her love for Filipino food, reveals ‘tuyo’ as her favourite


Miss Universe Vietnam 2018 H’Hen Nie continues to shine in her recent visit in the Philippines as she won the hearts of her Filipino fans by sharing her favourite Filipino food.

The stunning beauty queen is a darling among millions of Miss Universe fans around the world thanks to her exquisite beauty and down-to-earth nature.

H’Hen Nie made headlines across the world after she revealed how she defied all odds to enter the beauty pageant and now, she steals millions of hearts once again by sharing her favourite local Filipino food, tuyo.

In her Instagram post, H’Hen Nie posed in a red top and a red hat as she sits down to enjoy a humble meal of tuyo which is dried fish in her recent visit to the Philippines.

Credit: Instagram/@hhennie.official

The beauty queen did not reveal her purpose of visiting the country but many fell in love with her after she revealed how much she loves the local dish.

Credit: Instagram/@hhennie.official

“This is ‘Cá Khô’, my hometown food and also ‘Tuyo’ in the Philippines. My favorite!! I can consume a whole bowl of rice with one of this fish,” H’Hen Nie wrote in her Instagram post.

Credit: Instagram/@hhennie.official

While H’Hen Nie made it public that she came from a less privileged background before she entered Miss Universe 2018, the gorgeous Vietnamese still stays humble and true to her identity.

Her post about eating dried fish has gained praises from her local and international fans who are impressed with her love of tuyo.

Credit: Instagram/@hhennie.official

Well, everyone who has eaten dried fish knows exactly what H’Hen Nie means and she’s right!

Credit: Instagram/@hhennie.official


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