Woman spots stray puppy while running marathon, picks her up and they cross the line together!


Meet Khemjira Klongsanun, a running enthusiast from Bangkok, Thailand, who went viral after she rescued an adorable stray puppy while in the middle of completing a marathon—they even cross the finishing line together! 

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

Khemjira has a heart of gold and knows there is more to life than getting a personal best running time!

When Khemjira was seven miles into completing a local marathon last week, she suddenly spotted a little puppy by the roadside, all alone.

She immediately ran to its side and tried to find its mother or owner—but it was all by itself!

She couldn’t bear to see the adorable pooch abandoned by the side of the road, so she picked it up and carried it in her arms.

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

She even ran the remaining 19 miles together with her new puppy!

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

Just look at them go! She never let go, and made sure they crossed the finish line together—how sweet!

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

After the marathon, Khemjira got the best reward of all. She brought the cute puppy back with her to provide it with a loving and forever home.

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

The puppy is so content.

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

Since the marathon, Khemjira has brought the pup for a checkup with the vet, and has named her Nong Chom.

Meet the family! She fits right in.

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

Now that she’s being cared for and loved, Nong Chom can sleep peacefully, without a care in the world.

Khemjira even went back to the same spot to see if her mom or siblings were around, but nobody was there.

Nong Chom is super grateful for Khemjira rescuing her!

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

She’s sure to have a life full of love from now on. We wish the family all the best!

Credit: The Dodo


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