Volunteers quit alcohol for 28 days, and the results are astonishing!


Most of us enjoy drinking the occasional pint or cocktail to relax or socialize with friends, even though we know it’s not that great for our health in excess.

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After a heavy night of drinking, we often wake up feeling terrible with body aches, puffy eyes and feeling super nauseous!

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Every year, the average person drinks around 9.5 liters of alcohol, according to a recent study.

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But what would actually happen if you were to quit drinking completely for 28 days—could you do it?

Luckily for you, some volunteers already put it to the test, documenting their dry streak throughout January.

Here are just some of the changes they noted in their health and appearance!

Week 1: Increased sugar cravings and larger appetite

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We’ve all done it—the late night takeaways after a heavy night of drinking—we tend to consume unhealthy foods after drinking alcohol!

While you might think you’ll automatically eat less after quitting alcohol, the volunteers said they began to crave sugary foods and had headaches during their experiment in week 1.

This is because you will experience a dip in blood sugar levels. You might also find it tougher to get to sleep—but this is all short term. No pain no gain, it will all get better from week 2 eventually!

Week 2: Better sleep quality and improved senses

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Things will already begin to get better from here, good job!

Good news—77% of people said from week two, they got better quality sleep.

Beauty sleep is key, so dark circles will improve and you will start to look more youthful overall. 

Some strange changes are underway too at this stage.

Your unirary system will finally start to function properly, and your sense of taste and smell will improve.

And since alcohol decreases alcohol production, quitting drinking will improve your enamel so you’re less likely to get cavities, hooray!

Week 3: Changes in liver and blood circulation

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Things are looking up!

If you used to drink in excess, your liver may already start to recover at this stage.

Your skin will also improve as improved blood circulation will cause oxygen to move freely throughout your body.

Your digestive system will improve from a decreased production of gastric acid.

Week 4: Risk of cardiovascular diseases reduced and improved mental health

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You will most likely have shed a couple of pounds from quitting your drinking habit—and a smaller waist means your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases decreases, along with the possibility of lowering blood pressure.

58% of the volunteers said they lost weight.

Many volunteers also felt more confident overall in their fourth week, as the brain begins to function more productively.

Look at this astonishing before and after photo—just a difference of 28 days and no alcohol!

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“A month off is the perfect way to reset your relationship with alcohol. It only takes three weeks to break a habit, so this could be your route to happier, healthier drinking long-term,” according to alchoholchange.org.

Conclusion: The challenge may be tough at first but it’ll totally be worth it! Not only will you look better, but you’ll feel like a new person!  You’ll also save some serious cash—88% of the volunteers said they saved money.

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