Mom breaks into tears when 13yo son cycles for 60 miles to visit her and sick baby brother at the hospital


When 13-year-old Vietnamese Quyet Chien heard that his 2-month old younger brother was admitted to the hospital in Hanoi, the teenage boy quickly rushed to the hospital to see him.

However, the problem was that the hospital was at least 187 miles away from their home and the only transportation available was Chien’s worn bicycle that has already lost its brake functions.

Nevertheless, that did not stop the loving older brother from visiting his sick baby brother at the hospital. His mother was at the hospital as well.

On March 26, Chien who never left his hometown began his journey from his home in Son La to Hanoi by riding his bicycle.

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Prior to that day, he only cycled from home to school.

After more than five hours of cycling non-stop and 60 miles away from home, Chien who was exhausted and thirsty arrived in Hoa Binh city.

When he arrived at Hoa Binh city, his legs were swollen and his sandals were already torn apart as he had to use it frequently as brakes to slow down when he went down slopes. 

Credit: Kenh14

He nearly fainted at that time but luckily a kindhearted driver named Le Van Tuyen passed by and saw him. Tuyen couldn’t believe his ears when he found out that the boy had cycled all the way from Son La to visit his brother in Hanoi.

Chien was brought to the nearest police station and after some verification, Tuyen called Chien’s father. Ultimately, he offered the father and son a ride to the hospital in Hanoi.

When Chien arrived at the hospital where his baby brother was treated, he and his mother hugged and cried when they saw each other.

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Thinking of her son’s dangerous journey alone, Chien’s mother was teary throughout the whole conversation.

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Many doctors and nurses at the hospital could not believe when they heard the news of the brave young boy.

Knowing that his sandals had worn out, a doctor then bought Chien a pair of new sandals and paid for a return car ride to take Chien and his family back to their hometown in Son La. It was the same doctor who treated his baby brother.

When Chien’s story made headlines, many people later came forward to offer a new bicycle for the boy in return for his selfless action for his baby brother.

Van Van is so lucky to have a big brother like Chien. We hope that his baby brother will recover as soon as possible.

Credit: Kenh14


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