Here is why you should never post pictures of your boarding pass online or throw it away


While everyone knows how important it is to take good care of our passports, not many are aware that our boarding pass is also as equally important.

Many people often disregard this matter with some of us who takes a photo of the boarding pass and post it on social media and many others who simply toss or leave it on the seat at the airport or on the plane after they arrive at their destination.

However, doing this means you are exposing your sensitive information like your personal details such as name, home address, phone number, and email address to hackers.

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In some cases, hackers can simply use your boarding pass to hack into your financial details!

A boarding pass is the piece of card or paper that each passenger gets once they check in to their flight.

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It typically shows the passenger’s flight number, destination, seat number and gate number which many think they are no longer important after boarding their flight.

Forensic expert Winston Krone explained that boarding pass must be treated like passport as it has a bar code which contains everything about the passenger’s personal information.

If the bar code is placed on a bar code reader, the hackers or thieves can see and use all the passenger’s information contained in it.

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So, the next time you are flying to a destination, remember to keep your boarding pass just to yourself.

Forget about taking photos of it and posting them on your social media account or else, you might risk your own information being stolen.

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Also, do not toss it in a public place so that no one can easily gain access to your personal information. Shred it instead!

How careful you are with your passport, that is how you should be careful with your boarding pass as well!

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