Mother helps daughter clean up tables after seeing her struggling at work


A mother from the Philippines went out of her way to help her daughter when she saw her struggling while working at a local McDonald’s. 

Apparently, the mother’s loving and selfless gesture not only touch her daughter’s heart but also thousands of other people when a picture of her made rounds on social media.

Facebook user, Rubie Lyn Mendoza recently shared on her Facebook account about how her mother, Emilia, ended up wiping and cleaning the tables at the McDonald’s where her sister, Jann works part-time.

Rubie and her mother were visiting Jann at her workplace but she could not entertain them as she was the only one service crew member on duty who was in charge of cleaning up.

As there were many customers on that particular day, Jann was especially busy with her duty.

Just after Rubie placed her order, she was shocked to find her mother started helping her sister clean up the tables.

Credit: Facebook/Rubie Lyn Mendoza

Moved by her mother’s gesture, Rubie took photos of her cleaning the tables and shared it on Facebook.

Credit: Facebook/Rubie Lyn Mendoza

Many readers commented that they were moved by Rubie’s mother.

Credit: Facebook/Rubie Lyn Mendoza

One of them commented, “Mama is the best,” while another user praised the mother, “A Mother’s Love.”

Meanwhile, some users took the opportunity to remind others to clean up after themselves after using the table at a fast-food restaurant.

Following the photos going viral, Rubie later posted an appreciation post on March 7 to thank everyone who showed support and love towards her family.

She also wrote how loving their mother is to them and how proud her late father would have been.

Credit: World of Buzz | Facebook/Rubie Lyn Mendoza


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