Boy refuses to move on a subway so a man comes and sits on his legs to teach him a lesson


Nothing is sadder and more disappointing than seeing the younger generation lacks courtesy and common sense towards other people especially in the public and this teenage boy is apparently one of them.

In a Twitter post that has gone viral on social media, user Isabel shared the incident which she got to witness firsthand when she took the subway in Manhattan, New York.

 “This lil ass— wouldn’t move his legs for 3 adults, so this guy comes and just SITS on his legs #mykidcouldnever,” Isabel tweeted with a short video and several pictures.

In the video, a young boy can be seen sprawling over two, if not three seats on the subway while being distracted by his mobile phone. Apparently, his guardian who is sitting nearby also seems to be in her own world.

While the subway is clearly crowded, other passengers just could give disapproving look at the rude boy and his guardian.

However, one man decided to teach the young boy a lesson.

Probably tired of standing in the subway and annoyed with the bad manner the boy shows, one man who is wearing an all-black attire then proceeds to sit on the boy’s legs.

As soon as the man sits on his legs and pretends as nothing happens, the boy seems to be in utter disbelief.

The look of his face is totally priceless!

It also seems that his guardian comes to the boy’s defense as she does a disapproving gesture with her hand to Isabel who is recording the whole incident.

Following the post going viral on the Internet, many users applauded the man’s action for not giving in to the boy’s impolite manner with some commented how they had a similar experience with seat hoggers in public transportation.

Well, here is to hoping that the boy has learned a lesson and will remember the etiquettes when using public transportation in the future.

Credit: Bored Panda | Twitter/@da_drought_3


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