Emotional video of young girl crying her eyes out saying final goodbye to maid at the airport


A heart-wrenching video of a young girl saying goodbye to her maid who had to return to her hometown has made thousands of netizens super emotional.

Nowadays, due to long work hours, it’s the sad truth that many kids are closer to their nannies and housemaids than they are to their own family.

Lots of children end up spending more time with them than their own parents, who work overtime and come home late, or work during the weekends to make sure their kids have a comfortable life.

So it is always heartbreaking for maids who have been treated like family, to leave to return to their hometown for good.

It can feel like a family is losing one of their own!

Credit: Facebook/ Kuching Talk

And recently, this little girl sobbing at the airport while saying farewell to her beloved maid has touched the hearts of internet users around the world.

The family was saying their goodbyes to their housemaid at the airport, and everyone looks super emotional.

The young girl is carried by her mom while she wipes away her tears.

Credit: Facebook/ Kuching Talk

Although not confirmed, some think the housemaid is a Filipina while the family is Chinese.

The adorable little girl is crying her eyes out—she doesn’t want her maid to leave, and can’t stand the thought that she would never be able to see her ever again.

They hug each other and sob, while the girl’s mom tries to comfort her. 

Credit: Facebook/ Kuching Talk

They have such a special bond and do not want to let go of each other.

Credit: Facebook/ Kuching Talk

But the housemaid had to leave or she would miss her flight, so they said they final heartbreaking goodbyes.

Like us, some netizens were really touched while watching the viral video.

“When you treat someone from the heart and you will receive a treat from his or her heart,” someone commented on Facebook.

Another said, “Very close bond with the maid. Good to know the employer treats their maid like family member when some mistreat theirs.”

“Kakak (maid) must have treated the little girl very well otherwise she would not have missed her that much,” one commented.

Watch their emotional farewell in the heartbreaking video below:

We hope they get to see each other again one day!

Credit: World of Buzz


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