Footage shows rescue dog digging through ice to find trapped person


Ever wondered how rescue dogs help search for lost or trapped mountain climbers? This video will tell you firsthand how it feels like to be found by a rescue dog.

In the video that has spread wildly across social media, one man captured his experience being saved by a trained dog from Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England.

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England train dogs to help in search and rescue operations for lost climbers or climbers who are trapped in the snow.

Credit: Twitter/@SARDAEngland

They also provide rescue for any accidents that are mountain-related.

Since rescue operations are often dangerous and sometimes, can be life-threatening, the rescue dogs are regularly trained.

Suffice to say, it did not take long for the well-trained canine to sniff him through the thick pile of snow before it started to dig the snow.

Photo illustration of a dog in training mode. (Credit: Twitter/@SARDAEngland)

In the video, it only takes Flo, the border collie 10 seconds to dig the pile of snow away before her nose peeks through the opening.

Credit: Twitter/@SARDAEngland

She then continues to dig and widen the opening. By the time the clock hits 30 seconds, she has already rescued the trapped person and rushed to his side.

Credit: Twitter/@SARDAEngland

Well, her speedy rescue was not a surprise to the rescue team as she has successfully attended more than 30 operational call outs for missing persons.

Hence, it is no wonder that Flo who is described in her bio as “an extremely intelligent, confident young dog with remarkable work ethic and drive” able to secure a rescue in under 30 seconds.

Watch how fast and adorable Flo is when she is on the rescue training here.

Credit: Bored Panda


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