Man learned the bitter truth of why a young girl paid for his buns with fake notes


For one man who sells steamed buns for a living, each day means the same routine and there is nothing much that he encountered every day until one young girl came to his stall.

When the little girl who was probably between five to six years old first came to his stall, he thought that she was just another customer.

However, when she paid for the steamed buns, the little girl handed him several $1-dollar notes that were obviously fake.

At first, the man thought that the little girl was being playful and let her take the steamed buns since it would not cost him much.

Nevertheless, as time went by, he began to feel suspicious over the little girl as she often gave him the same notes to pay for the buns.

Curious about whether the little girl was being naive or mischievous, the man then decided to follow the little girl back home.

However, he never expected to see what he was about to encounter next.

The man followed the little girl to a small and shabby house where a frail-looking woman sat in a wheelchair outside as if she had been waiting for the little girl to come home.

“Mom, I’m back! Here are the steamed buns you love,” the little girl said to the woman with a cheerful tone as she handed the buns to her.

Apparently, the little girl has been taking care of her sick mother since his father passed away a year ago.

As the mother could not move without using a wheelchair, she fully relied on her daughter to take care of her.

The man later learned from the mother that her daughter supported their small family by collecting recyclable plastics and papers. 

However, the cruel reality is that the man from the recycling center has been giving the young girl fake money all these while. Her mother only found out that her daughter has been cheated after the bun seller told her that he has been receiving fake money from her daughter.

She begged for forgiveness and asked him not to report them to the police, “I apologize on behalf of my daughter, sir. She is just a young girl who couldn’t tell the difference whether the money is real or otherwise. Please do not arrest us. We are not locals and we do not have any relatives or friends here.”

At that moment, the man realized that he needed to do something for the mother-daughter duo. He later took out his wallet and gave the mother all the cash he had.

“Tell your daughter to just come by my stall whenever she wants some free steamed buns,” the man said to the mother. “Nurse your health and come to me when you are feeling better. You cannot move freely but I am able to give you a job that is suitable for your condition.”

The mother burst into tears upon hearing the man’s words. This would be a significant turning point for her and daughter and means the world to them.

As for the man, he felt relieved knowing that he could help the little girl and her mother. He has also decided to take action and report the dishonest man who cheated the young girl.

Hopefully, his act of kindness would change the family’s fate and give the little girl a better life.


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