Adorable Pit Bull rescued has been smiling constantly since the day she was adopted


Shortcake the pit bull rescue is the sweetest and happiest pooch around. Having a bad day? Her smiley photos will lift your mood instantly! 

Credit: Instagram/ @theladyshortcake

Look at that sweet face! 

Credit: Instagram/ @theladyshortcake

This adorable former stray hasn’t always had such a huge grin on her face.

She was rescued in 2016, but had some serious health issues such as hernia and a bad case of mange.

Fortunately, her rescuers made sure she got well again and put her up for adoption.

When her future mom, Amy Matsushima, saw a photo of Shortcake online, she just knew she was going to be part of her family. 

“She wasn’t in the best shape, as everyone that met her back then said that she smelled like rotting flesh due to her mange, but with the care of the rescue and her amazing foster family, she recovered quickly,” Amy told the Daily Mail.

And now they’re inseparable, and Shortcake has a constant smile on her face! 

Credit: Instagram/ @theladyshortcake

Now four-years-old, as seen in the video below, smiling is still her favorite thing to do, as well as cuddling and playing with kids!


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She’s a sucker for adventure and loves going to the beach with her mom and playing around in the water.

And she’s quite the Instagram dog model too—Shortcake has her own page with 132,000 followers!

Her smile is just too infectious!

Credit: Instagram/ @theladyshortcake

She’s a unique one—she even smiles in the bath!

Credit: Instagram/ @theladyshortcake

“She’s very silly, full of sounds, and playful when she’s not sleeping but even then, she smiles. She really does smile most of the time,” Amy said.

Credit: Instagram/ @theladyshortcake

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Credit: Animal Channel


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