Grow these 6 plants in a cup and have vegetables at home anytime you want!


Growing vegetable yourself is safer and healthier but too much hassle. Did you know that we can actually avoid all the inconvenience and grow them in a cup instead? These are six kinds of vegetables that are suitable to be grown in a cup!

1. Scallion

Scallion or also known as the green onion is frequently used in many dishes and regenerates new leaves easily. All you have to do is to clean the roots of the scallion and cut them at about three or four centimeters above the roots. Place them in the prepared cup and add water inside.

This method is the same as the hydroponic method we’ve seen before. Make sure to put the roots in a well-lit place and don’t forget to change the water every 10 days or so. After a few weeks, you can see new green onion leaves coming out and place them on the kitchen window sill for anytime use.

Just put them in a cup with water.

Then you can have green onions whenever you want!

2. Chinese cabbage or bok choy

This is another vegetable that is easy to grow and delicious. The steps you can use is the same as the steps used to grow the scallion. Cut the Chinese cabbage root and place it in a cup with a little bit of water inside. Make sure to change the water frequently too. You can see new leaves coming out from the root in just three or four days.

When the vegetable is fully grown, you can pick it directly from the cup to use it for cooking. If you let the Chinese cabbage grow a little more, you can also have the flower seeds.

It grows quite quickly too.

3. Coriander

This is another easy vegetable that you can grow in a cup. Clean the coriander roots and place them in your hydroponic cup. Only after a few days, you can see a few leaves coming out. To get enough coriander for cooking, you might need to wait for the leaves to grow more than two or three centimeters.

You are also recommended to transfer the plant into a pot of soil so that it can provide more nutrients and make the plant grow faster.

4. Chinese Celery

It is really such a waste to throw the Chinese celery roots because it grows up very quickly. Place your hydroponic Chinese celery root in a suitable area and let it grow a few leaves at about a week. Just like the coriander, transfer the plant in a loose and fertile soil pot to let it grow even more.

It’s such a waste if you don’t try this at home.

In just a short period of time, you will soon find a lush Chinese celery pot in your house!

5. Carrot

Can we grow carrots in pots too? Yes! The leaves of the carrot are generally not edible but it is pretty and quite pleasing to be seen as potted plant especially in winter. When you use this hydroponic method to the carrot, the leaves are guaranteed to have a height of around three or four centimeters.

Just like the rest of the plants, put the carrot head in water, place it near the window and you will see beautiful leaves coming out soon.

How beautiful is that?

6. Lettuce

I know some people would just hate vegetable because of slight bitter taste but they enjoy having lettuce. It can be used as salad dish or to accompany your barbeque, and it would be very convenient to have lettuce anytime you want. Just place the lettuce root in a cup of water and wait till the new leaves come out.

It is highly recommended to transfer the bigger plants into large pots later and you can enjoy it anytime!

If we try this at home, we’ll have a mini vegetable garden very soon!


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