A kindhearted fishmonger gave a hungry stray dog a hot meal—The next day, the stray dog came back to repay her kindness!


Last winter, a fishmonger lady saw a cold and hungry stray dog. The temperature was colder than usual and the stray dog was shivering in cold in front of her store. As the stray dog looked very pitiful, the fishmonger lady felt sorry for it and heated some leftovers from yesterday and gave it to the dog. However, she never thought that her actions were a beginning of a special relationship between them

▼ From that day onward, the stray dog would frequently visit her fish store

It has never caused any troubles to her store and it actually helps her to look after her store. Once, there was a thief who was attempting to steal her purse and the dog rushed forward to thwart the attempt.

The fishmonger lady thought that it was cute and she would give it some hot food to eat. Her actions made their relationship grew closer.

▼ Now, this stray dog is no longer a stray as it has become the new boss of the fish store

With the fishmonger lady’s care, the dog slowly regained its health. Interestingly, unlike other pet dogs, it does not become spoiled as it is very obedient to the lady. Every day, the dog will accompany the fishmonger lady to her store and wait around. When locals knew that there is a new boss in the store, they came over to have a look.

▼ The cute dog’s presence has attracted more customers to come to the lady’s fish store!

The fishmonger lady gave it a hot meal and the dog is now working hard to repay his debt. It was very grateful for the fishmonger lady’s love and care that has saved its life and now it is repaying the grace of her love by looking after the store. This dog’s behavior is even better than some people!

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