Detect and avoid hidden pinhole cameras with these five simple tricks!


It is always good to take a break and treat yourself for a holiday, but never let your guard down because there may be hidden cameras in unfamiliar places.

In 2017, a man was staying at a hotel in Leizhou, Zhanjiang and noticed an abnormal light on the ceiling when he was lying on his bed. When he checked it out, it turned out to be a pinhole camera installed in his room. So he immediately reported the case to the police. After the search, police found another camera in the toilet.

Hearing stories like these make us feel the need to be very cautious and extra careful when checking into hotels. So here we’ll share with you five simple and practical tricks to detect and avoid pinhole camera.

1. Check the mirror

There’s always a mirror in each hotel room and we need to make sure it’s not a double mirror. Double-sided mirror means that there could be another person behind the mirror that can see you.

The test method is simple. Stick your finger on the mirror and see if there is a distance between the finger and the mirror.

If there’s a distance between the finger and the mirror, it is a normal mirror. But if the finger and the mirror image are completely close to another, it might be a double-mirror.

Credit: Nicegirlmeanthoughts

2. Turn on the phone camera function

First, turn off the lights in the room and pull the curtains to form a dark room. Then turn on the phone camera function while keeping an eye on the screen. Scan every possible place.

If there’s a red light on your phone screen, there’s a possibility that there’s a camera in the room you’re living. For a pinhole camera without infrared sensing, there will be a reflection on the screen.

Scan every nook and cranny.

3. Reduce illumination

Ordinary wireless pinhole camera (except for low light and infrared) cannot record a clear picture if the room is dark enough. So make sure to reduce the light in the room as much as possible and make the room dark.

There are people who are a light sleeper. If the room is really equipped with a camera, the lighting might provide enough illumination for us to be photographed. So it is best to turn off all the lights when you are sleeping so that nothing can be photographed.

Keep the room dark while sleeping.

4. Check the ceiling

Most people are less sensitive when it comes to ceiling, so always make sure to check the ceiling out too. If you see a dark gap in the middle of the smoke sensor, that could be the most suitable position for mounting a pinhole lens.

Always make sure to check the position of the lamp on the ceiling and the ventilation ports as these kinds of place have a high chance to install pinhole camera.

5. Choose to stay at a regular hotel

Rather than choosing a hotel that looks good but rather cheap, it is better to stay at a regular hotel that is relatively safe. Not to say that high-end hotels are guaranteed to be safe from a pinhole camera, but it is better to be at a place with a better system so that our claims and reports will receive a better response after being made.

Better be safe than sorry.

Make sure to do all these steps and stay vigilant wherever you are!


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