After being away for 400 days, soldier father arranges surprise homecoming for his three beautiful daughters—their reactions will touch your heart


The best surprise is often one (or four!) that is done professionally! This dad wanted to make his homecoming special for his family, so he hatched a plan with his wife to surprise the other special women in his life—his mother and his three daughters.  

Jimmy Talbot, military personnel from Oklahoma, was stationed overseas for 400 days. Being a warrant officer, he has been in the U.S. Army for over 28 years.

Jimmy Talbot during an assignment.

Credit: Facebook/Jimmy Talbot

Coincidentally, he left home for this latest deployment on the same day that his youngest daughter left home for her first day at college. Sadly, they never get the chance to see each other off and he was determined to make it up to her.

The Talbot family.

Credit: Facebook/Laura Talbot

Jimmy’s wife, Laura wanted to make his homecoming a memorable one, so she hired professional videographers from Redeemed Productions to film separate reunions of Jimmy’s three daughters and his mother.

The Talbot family, together again.

Credit: Facebook/Jimmy Talbot

Paige Bargas from Redeemed Productions said, “There was definitely a lot of emotions in each surprise.”

“It was actually a little hard for us to film, as we had to stay focused and try to not get emotional ourselves!” she added.

“We are extremely proud to have Jimmy fight for our country, and we are extremely grateful to be part of this exciting day,” Paige said.

Watch the beautiful reunions below, and have your tissues ready!

Credit: Inspire Story


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