Husband left speechless after hinting that he is getting bored with non-attractive wife


A married couple were enjoying their dinner when the husband suddenly said: “My boss has a beautiful wife but I heard rumours at the office that their relationship is growing apart. He is now planning to get a divorce and find a new wife. Come to think of it, I could not agree more with him. Which husband will not get bored coming home to the same person every day?”

The wife was stunned for a second to hear her husband’s harsh words. She slowly swallowed her food and replied: “If one day, a woman is interested in you and asks you out for a date, please ask her to take care of your child first before taking her out on a date. I will be the judge. What do you think?”

The husband was speechless when he heard his wife’s reply.

The wife then added: “If one day, you see a stunning woman with perfect makeup and gorgeous clothes and you want to compare her looks with mine and how unattractive I am compared to her, then ask her how much she spends every month just to maintain her looks. Then, you should spend the same amount of money on me so that I could look like her, just like the way you want”

The husband remained silent on his wife’s words. He could not think of anything to reply to her.

She further said: “If you would like to follow your boss’s footsteps, finding a new beautiful woman and marry her, then go ahead. I will take our children and move away somewhere so you and your new wife can stay in this house together but we will see in the next five years, will you still be looking at her the same like the day your first saw her? Or you will find someone new again?”

The husband who had been listening to his wife for a while then replied: “I was only joking…”

“It would be best if she could look after our child and you and your parents. Then, I could just go out, spend my money on myself, have fun and live a comfortable life since I cannot do anything like that since I got married to you. How good is that for both of us?” the wife said to the husband.

The husband was shocked hearing her words. Somehow, her words resonated with the truth he had been ignoring for years. He had only been thinking about himself and neglecting his wife who had been taking care of his children and family all these years.

The wife continued: “What you actually need is a housekeeper, not a mistress! A housekeeper who will take care of the house chores so that I can have time to dress in nice clothes and spend time with you.”

“It would be great if you could provide a housekeeper. Otherwise, my days will be full of the house chores alone and things will not get better between us.”

The husband who did not want to lose then asked his wife: “What if I give you everything you need and you cheat on me?”

The wife suddenly laugher at her husband’s question.

“I can confidently say that my heart has always belonged and will belong to our family alone. I will not stoop that low to have an affair with other men unless…”

The husband quickly cut his wife’s talking and said: “No! It will never happen! We have to grow old together. From now on, I will never say anything foolish again.”

Dear husbands, do not think of other women as better than your wife. After all, you are the one who is supposed to take care of her. How she looks and feels now will reflect on whether or not you have fulfilled your responsibilities as a husband and a father.

Take a pride on being the head of the family than running away from your responsibilities

A good marriage always requires efforts and understanding from both sides. A happy marriage is not something that is easy to come by but with efforts and love, the two of you will make it.


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