Alysa Liu sets record as the youngest U.S. figure skating champion—thanks her dad for all that he has done for her

Credit: Instragram/ @alysaliu

Meet the new U.S. figure skating champion who is only 13 years old and the youngest in the nation’s history, Alysa Liu.

The youngest figure skating champion rose into popularity after earning a total score of 217.51 and emerged as the youngest U.S. women’s figure skating champion after beating Bradie Tennell (213.59) and Mariah Bell (212.40).

The rising star may be a teenage girl but she is the only American woman to complete three triple axels in a single competition.

Credit: Olympic Channel

In the competition, she performed to ‘Don’t Rain on my Parade’ by Barbara Streisand where she executed the triple axels.

Credit: Instagram/@alysaliu

“I was really happy because I did everything I wanted to do,” Liu said with tears of joy streaming down her cheeks. “I wasn’t really nervous. I was just really excited to compete here.”

Liu later gave the gold medal she won to her father, Arthur, to express her gratitude of what he has done for her. “He just helps me so much bringing me to the rink every day, and I think he puts in a lot of effort and he deserves it,” Liu told TODAY.

Credit: Instagram/@alysaliu

It is the toughest triple jump in figure skating. Nevertheless, she does not show any signs to stop at the current record.

According to TIME, the triple axel jump is the most difficult version of a jump and hence the most challenging. Even in the Olympic Games, only eight women have landed the triple axel, and two of them—Tonya Harding and Mirai Nagasu—are from the United States.

Currently, the youngest champion is practicing at perfecting her quadruple jumps.

Liu will have to wait until 2022 to be eligible to skate at the Olympic Games before she is allowed to compete in world championships.

Watch how she nailed the difficult triple axels in her stunning performance here

Credit: TODAY | Olympic Channel 


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