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After 17 years, teen meets doctor who saved her for free when she was a baby


Thanks to a kind doctor she met almost two decades ago, Arabella Garciano from Tagbilaran City in Bohol, Philippines is able to live her life today. She uploaded a picture of her hugging Dr. Maribel Du, a pediatric surgeon from University of Cebu Medical Center on Twitter and shared a touching story behind it.

Dreaming of becoming a doctor, Garciano thanked the kind-hearted Dr. Maribel for saving her life long ago.

“17 years ago, a sickly baby needed an operation because she has a cyst on her chest. The mother only has PhP40 ($0.77) on her wallet. But this doctor operated the child. For free.”

“And that is why I need to become a doctor. I need to share the same kindness I was lucky enough to receive.”


According to Garciano, her mother cannot afford her operation when she was little. As all of us are aware of, surgery was never cheap. Despite that, Dr. Maribel couldn’t ignore the baby with the cyst on her chest. So she performed the operation for free.

Upon the doctor’s selfless act, Garciano wished to pay it by becoming a doctor herself and positively save those in need just like Dr. Maribel. Garciano was planning to study medicine and be like her savior one day.

Reminiscing the memory, Arabella took a picture with the doctor.


Reading the heartwarming story shared by Garciano, many people admire Dr. Maribel’s dedication to saving lives and thanked the sweet girl for sharing her humble experience.

We hope that you’ll get to fulfill the noble dream of yours very soon, Arabella!

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