Tourist buys first pair of shoes for barefooted boy selling flowers on the streets


Ahyan Yerro works as a shoe store manager at a mall in Manila, Philippines. During her shift, she noticed a tourist and a raggedy-looking young boy walked into her store. Little did she know that she was about to witness an act of compassion and empathy.

The tourist told Ahyan that he found the boy, named Warren, in the streets outside, selling flowers. After buying some jasmines from Warren, the tourist brought him to the store to buy shoes because the young boy was walking the streets barefoot.

The poor boy, he has been going barefoot for quite some time.

Credit: ABS-CBN

The tourist, who remains unidentified, was moved when he saw Warren’s dark, dirty feet. He wanted to help the poor boy, who never had a new pair of shoes in his life.

The kind tourist watching the staff showing some shoes.

Credit: ABS-CBN

The tourist urged Warren to choose any pair of shoes he liked, while one of Ahyan’s staff helped measure the boy’s feet. Having not worn shoes for 14 years, he never knew his shoe size.

A staff helps measure the boy’s foot to determine his shoe size.

Credit: ABS-CBN

The young boy eventually settled on a pair of running shoes, and he couldn’t stop smiling! His excitement was incredibly heartwarming.

All laced up!

Credit: ABS-CBN

Ahyan, touched by what she saw, gave a 40% discount off on the purchase. She watched as the tourist and the young boy leave the store and head towards a fast food restaurant, after he asked the staff on where he could buy some clothes for the boy.

Paid for with kindness.

Credit: ABS-CBN

Ahyan later shared this story on her Facebook page. This is the first time in many years that she’s able to see such kindness. Warren looks very happy and grateful. This day must be unforgettable for all three of them.

Their next destination: clothes.

Credit: ABS-CBN

Credit: ABS-CBN

The media eventually managed to get into contact with the tourist. He wished to remain unnamed, stating modestly that he only wanted to help those in need. He hopes that this story will inspire more people to extend help to other vulnerable individuals.

What an inspiring lesson to uphold.

Credit: InspireMore


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