Beautiful Filipino couple warms hearts with their simple but intimate wedding—it only costs $380


The most beautiful is not always the most extravagant. This Filipino couple’s wedding in Marikina went viral when many people were impressed by their simple but intimate wedding.

Even better, the couple identified as Gilbert and Fely Joy Ynclino only spent P20,000 ($380) as their wedding budget. Gilbert and Fely had been living together for 12 years prior to their wedding and have two beautiful kids together. The couple has always wanted to keep things simple as they have limited budget.

The couple on their wedding day.

Credit: Facebook / Michael See Apeles

They borrowed clothes from friends and clothes for flower girls were paid for by the children’s parents.

Credit: Facebook / Michael See Apeles

They also didn’t spend a dime for the wedding photos taken by the photographer as it was paid by Fely’s brother-in-law.

Credit: Facebook / Michael See Apeles

“We didn’t have the budget for it. So he paid him. We just wanted a simple wedding. It was my brother-in-law who wanted Apeles (the photographer) to take the photos. We also just asked someone at home to cook the food because it’s so expensive to hire a caterer,” said Fely.

The food was cooked by someone at home, not the caterer.

Credit: Facebook / Michael See Apeles

Besides the simple wedding, the couple also wasn’t planning on going for any honeymoon.

Credit: Facebook / Michael See Apeles

“It was just a normal day. Unlike other couples who have a honeymoon after the wedding, we didn’t have that. We just went home and paid what we owed people. It was simple but we felt good about it.”

When their wedding photos went viral, the couple admitted that they are surprised as they weren’t aware that Apeles posted them on his Facebook account. Fely also said that people’s reactions made her feel better about spending money for the wedding.

“We were so shocked. We didn’t expect it. We don’t know a lot of people but a lot of netizens are so happy. We are not used to being the center of attention.”

Credit: Facebook / Michael See Apeles

“I’m happy even though we ran out of money and we had to pay some debts. Seeing people’s comments eased my stress.”

Credit: Facebook / Michael See Apeles

It’s good that they’re keeping it real with their financial situation and didn’t opt for something beyond their capability.

Congratulations on the wedding, Fely and Gilbert!

Credit: Coconuts


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