Orphan little kangaroo clutches to owner’s hand and won’t leave him alone


This little kangaroo called Johanssen from Australia lost its mother but was lucky enough to meet Chris Barnes, the head of Alice Springs Kangaroo Shelter.

Barnes had an experience taking care of animals in the zoo when he was 17 years old. After quite some time, he was determined to take care of kangaroos and started raising funds in 2005.

Finally, Barnes managed to open an animal shelter called the Alice Springs Kangaroo Shelter in Australia.

Orphans kangaroos often found on the road will be sent to Alice Springs Kangaroo Shelter—where they will be taken good care of and a place to regain their health. Johanssen is one of them and it was able to grow up well thanks to the shelter.

Johanssen grew closer to Barnes at the shelter and regarded the man as its own father. One day as Barnes was holding a bucket and about to leave, Johanssen suddenly held on to his hand and grabbed him.

Johanssen suddenly grabbed his owner’s hand.

Credit: Facebook/The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

“I’m coming back. I’ll come back. I’m not gonna leave you. I promise,” said Barnes when Johanssen was holding him.

Credit: Facebook/The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

Probably relieved by the words, Johanssen let go of Barnes’ hand—but it was still hopping behind his back and followed him.

Credit: Facebook/The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

Look at how cute Johanssen is in this video:

Johanssen is now all grown up and turned into a strong big kangaroo. But one thing that didn’t change, Johanssen still sticks to Barnes.

How cute!


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